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Isabel founded Kiss Your Brain after spending years teaching in the New York City school system. When she left the classroom in 2019, the only thing she wanted to do was to continue working with children. A month later, Isabel started tutoring a few students in a coffee shop in Brooklyn. Her three students became ten, ten became twenty, forty then sixty. It was magic. This was it. Right in front of her eyes, Kiss Your Brain was born. When a student answers a question correctly, or puts in their best effort, we cheer "Kiss Your Brain!"


At KYB, whether students are tasked to apply geometry skills to build their own restaurants, create a research project about their favorite animal, or start a book club with their tutor – KYB plans each lesson by coupling the student’s unique interests with fundamental curriculum. Before they know it, after a semester of sessions, many students are either in the Gifted & Talented program or reading levels beyond where they started.


Kiss Your Brain students make every day truly purposeful.

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